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The Key To Success In Sales!


I am not telling you anything today that you have not heard before in any sales seminar you have ever attended.  It is like the old Vince Lombardi story, success is the basics done right. 


Vince Lombardi was the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers. They won the first two (2) Super Bowls and the three (3) prior championships of the old NFL.  Five (5) straight NFL titles. Each year, on the first day of camp, he would hold up a football and say, "Gentleman, this is a football". They would then spend most of the camp working on the basics of blocking, tackling, etc. Nail the basics, and the rest takes care of itself. The key to success in sales has always been Follow Up, and now even more than ever before, follow up is key.


The average person sees 100 ad impressions a day, way more than the mind can consciously even remember. What brings you to top of mind awareness? Consistency. Following up provides that. BUT you need to follow up not only prior to the sale, but during and through it. Follow up is key. I held a conference call earlier this month with a nationwide Business Brokerage company. When I was preparing for my webinar, I looked back at when the first contact was made JANUARY 2019! The head broker had been on my marketing list for over a year. So first, she had been getting my tips, like these, for one (1) year before she called me. Then, after speaking to me, she put me off with the classic, "let me get back to you".  Each month I would call or e-mail, following up. Usually she did not respond back. This continued for 16 MONTHS! 15 follow up calls after our initial introduction before she finally agreed to have me speak to her people. Since that call earlier this month, I have gotten at least ten (10) transactions in-most are pre-approvals but I am in the door with a long term client relationship with multiple offices. I WON THAT DEAL BY FOLLOW UP. I followed up by sending these tips consistently, there are some people who have been getting these tips for over 10 years!  After the initial call, I KEPT FOLLOWING UP. She never told me to stop calling her, she just didn't respond or said call me next month WHICH I DID. When someone says call me next week, we do. Even if they are trying to blow me off, if they don't tell me to pound sand, I follow up. After the lead comes in, we have a follow up system. You don't need a fancy sales tracking system, you can just use outlook or even a simple paper tickler system. Don't get caught up on bells and whistles, just do whatever it takes to make the calls. With all the noise people hear during the day, the simplest and best way to separate yourself and get the business is FOLLOW UP. Gentleman, this is a football! 




P.S. If you are struggling with your bank to close a commercial or a business loan, give me a call. We are the place to go when the banks say 'no'. I will be able to quickly tell you IF I can help you and what we can do. No cost, fast answers, one call. Just call me at 770-908- 1672 or e-mail me at Give me a call today, the consultation is FREE! I am the #1 closer of commercial loans in the country, no one closes more-maybe I can help you today as well. Just call 770-908-1672 and ask for Brian.


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Don't Worry! 


About a thing. 'Cause every little thing, gonna be alright! Yes, these are the lines from a song by Bob Marley called, "Three (3) Little Birds".  He wrote it after reading Jesus' Sermon on the Mount where Jesus said, "Do not worry about your life, what you will eat and what you will wear.... See the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" Matthew 6:25,26.


Yet, when life comes crashing down, when that child pushes all your buttons, when losses mount and you just feel like you are losing the battle, it can be hard not to worry. But you must! Listen, it doesn't say, "Don't worry, unless you have a really good reason to worry". No, the verse says don't worry. Period. This means you have the power-you can choose to worry or not REGARDLESS of the circumstances. I know, it is hard to exercise that power when you are down, and focusing on your problems is easier than focusing on all the good-and yet you have more good than bad. All of us, no matter what, have more good than bad. It is up to you to make the conscious choice to embrace the good, focus on the things you can control and FORGET about the bad. 


Brian, my bad is so don't understand. Maybe I don't understand your bad, but I promise you, there are people worse off than you. Brian, there is so much to worry about, the election, the economy, the coronavirus, how can you not worry about it. I tell you, you CAN choose not to worry about those things-I don't. I have my one vote, I will cast it. Outside of that is not my concern because it is not in my power to control.  My business will be fine regardless of who wins or a second wave of Coronavirus, or whatever. During the 2nd Quarter lock down this year, I wrote more loans than the first quarter. In fact, it was almost a record quarter for new loans. So my business will be fine. It may be affected, but it will be fine.  So will you, no matter what, it will work out OK for you. The next verse in Matthew 6, verse 27 is a perfect reminder about worry, "And which of you by worrying can add one single hour to your life?" Worrying does not do ONE good thing! Not one! You CAN control it. So stop. Stop it now. Enjoy your life that you have while you have it and don't worry about things you can not control. Work hard, love your family, do good, enjoy! 




P.S.  Next week I will be doing a conference call on a new business opportunity that you can get into that is Coronavirus resistant and lock down resistant. This opportunity requires just a phone and a laptop. You can work from home, the beach or anywhere. We call it the "Net Branch" and it is an amazing opportunity. If you want to find out more, tune in for the free call. Just e-mail me at to let us know you are interested and we will send you the link later this week. Then hold on to your hats, because this is going to be fun! Talk to you then! 


P.P.S.  Don't forget we have private money loans that can close fast. If long bank delays are getting you down and you are under the gun, give me a call at 770-908-1672 and I will see if I can help you. One call, and it's free. Just give me a call today!

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The Shocking Truth About Covid-19: It is Wasting our Time!

  • The average person has watched 28 hours of TV per week.
  • The average adult is spending 2 hours a day on social media
  • The average person during working at home has 1 interruption every 8 minutes, or approximately 7 an hour, or 50-60 per day. The average interruption takes 5 minutes, totaling about 4 hours or 50% of the average workday. 80% of those interruptions are typically rated as “little value” or “no value” creating approximately 3 hours of wasted time per day. 

We Must Stop the Insanity or Go Broke! 

Sorry man, but the government doesn’t have a stimulus package that will bail you out from the lost opportunity cost of sitting on the couch. We have to get our heads back in the game, focus on what truly matters. 


“At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is how we spend our time. Spend it on the right things and look back on a fulfilling life full of success and happiness. Fritter away your time on things that do not matter, and you will look back upon your life with regrets. Personally, I want to look back fulfilled and satisfied. We all have the same 24 hours-how you spend yours each day will determine the kind of life you have. With your whole life and future tied to this one thing, it behooves us to learn about this thing called “time” and to master it. Master this one thing, and everything else takes care of itself.”


If this resonates, I recently did a Time Management webinar for my team that I have decided to share. Hope you enjoy! 


Link to Time Management Webinar:

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Are Smart phones Making us Smarter? 

Read these stats and you decide. 


How Frequently Does the Average Adult Touch Or Pick Up Their Phone?

  • People, on average, interact (swipe, type, click, tap) with their phone a whopping 2,617 times each day. The number rises to 5,427 when it comes to heavy mobile users.  

One of the studies reveals that a typical mobile user goes through 150 mobile-device sessions every day. What Ages Use Social Media?

  • US adults spend an average of 38 minutes on Facebook alone.
  • While young adults continue to use social media sites at high levels, usage by older adults has increased over the years. 
  • People aged 16-29 spend the most time (3 hours daily) on social networking platforms, while aged adults between 45 and 54 spend 1 hour and 39 minutes every day.
  • Millennials spend around 2 hours and 30 minutes on social media. 
  • The pattern indicates that younger people spend the most time on social media channels.   

If the late, great, Steven Covey were here to witness he would say this is one of greatest time wasters in the history of the world. Covey brought us the 4-quadrant time management model, which I have used successfully entire career.  It helps you categorize all your activities from 1 – 4, and then focus on the stuff the really matters.   If you are struggling from working at home and could use a refresh, check out my recent webinar:      


Link to Time Management Webinar:

Biblical Principles

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Fear Not! 

To me, the saddest part of this election drama is the way both parties are peddling fear. IF one guy wins they say it will be "radical" left socialism. They love that "R" word-Radical. If the other guy wins, it will be race riots and out of control virus and death. They love that "R" word, Racist. Both sides spinning a tale of woe if the other side wins. If this, then THAT and you NEED to be afraid of THAT.


This fear of course is not a healthy fear. It does not make you a better citizen or a better person. It won't help your career or your family-fear is the opposite of faith and fear, this type of fear- of some future that you can not control-adds zero benefit to your life. Sure, you can be a good steward and make some smart moves to be ready. I have been a big buyer of gold this year because all this printed money, to me, will make gold more valuable.  I do not buy it out of fear, just preparedness and opportunity. What's the difference? Forward motion. Are you moving forward with living and growing and learning or are you "on hold" until after the election? Remember, whoever wins still does not take over until January. Are we to do nothing until that time? Then after they do take over, even if they implement some things, you don't absolutely know how it will play out. If they can get whatever things passed or not. The truth is, YOU AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT WILL PLAY OUT-REGARDLESS OF WHO WINS. Did you think this year would play out like it did? Who saw this year coming? Not me. 


So to be in fear of some future that you have no real idea how it will play out is foolishness. For the Christian, it belies your faith. If you say God is in control, and God is good, then what are you afraid of? Don't you think that a good God will work whatever situations happen to your good? That's what it says in Scripture.  Christian or not, NOBODY benefits from living in fear. No one. We MUST keep moving forward. I do not operate in fear in my business, because fear is limiting. In fact, we are aggressively launching a new business opportunity PRECISELY because of the uncertainty. My business blossoms in good times and bad. So if I have a business opportunity that can blossom in times of uncertainty and crisis then what better time to launch than right now, right before an election. We are here to grow, to live, to expand. Fear limits that expansion. DON'T GIVE IN. Be bold, move forward, get going. At the very least, work on yourself, on improving you. That holds a benefit no matter who wins. Be the best you, be positive, and be bold. Life is good...Life is growth.  Keep friends..... 







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