Learn How To Close Multi-Million Dollar Transactions Through Commercial Real Estate Financing

I'm Brian Peart, America's #1 Top Producing commercial broker,

and I will teach you how I have made millions!

Our Net Branch Package is a Business Opportunity for anyone looking to jumpstart their career in commercial financing

Imagine an opportunity to start a brand new career OR add additional income SEAMLESSLY to what you are already doing!


Based on the success of my son, who started with me as an 18 year old high school graduate with ZERO knowledge of business or commercial lending and ZERO contacts, and made $70,000 his first full year and $150,000+ next year, and at his prompting, we have decided to create a training and marketing package to allow ANYONE to do the same thing.  I am talking about a turnkey system for you to do commercial and business loans... we call it the “Net Branch”. 


Here is what it entails...

all in One 

  • Basic Training, We teach you the basic ins & outs of the industry

  • Terms & Meanings, You will understand the language of a lender after this course & will be able to conduct yourself as one

  • Underwriting, After this course you will know how to calculate any DCR or NOI on any deal

  • Program Finder, A tool to help you quickly locate the right lender for any deal you may have

  • Ongoing Marketing Material,  We will give you on going marketing material for you to use to market to your database

  • Lender List, You will have full access to best lender list available which connects you with over 200 lenders across the country

  • Marketing Training, This course teaches you the different techniques to market to your database & get more deals

  • Monthly Conference Calls, These calls help to keep you updated on the market as things change

  • Ongoing Support, If you ever have any questions or issues, Commercial Capital Limited is here to help guide you

The Net Branch Program is unlike any other program available today. The combination of our training, marketing tools, direct access to verified lenders, nationwide presence, name recognition and ongoing support makes this the number 1 commercial mortgage broker system in the world! 

About the President:

Brian Peart

  • Brian Peart is the Founder and President of Nexus Financial Group Inc
  • Top producing loan officer averaging 30-40 loans a month in two separate marketplaces in less than 1 year!
  • Author of the publications, How to Make 6-figures in the Mortgage Business and 5 Steps to Buying Your Dream Home
  • Frequent columnist for Bank Rate Monitor and speaker at industry events
  • One of the very few people to close over $1 BILLION in residential & over $1 BILLION in commercial loans
  • Devoted husband, father and leader of the Men's Ministry at his local church
  • The Number One Commercial Broker In The Country!* 

       *based on number of commercial deals closed per month

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What will you get?

With the Net Branch Program you don't just get the training, you essentially are given a "business blueprint" to start your own mortgage brokerage business! You will be given full access to the program which will teach you start to finish on how to find commercial loan requests, underwrite the deals, & get them to the right sources to get funded. 

The Commercial Brokerage "Blueprint for Success"

The Commercial Brokerage Basics

Learn the about the different property types, loan programs & terminology

The "Done-for-You Marketing Toolkit"

A Full

Marketing Toolkit

We teach you different techniques to grow & market to your database by providing training & on going marketing tools/flyers that you can use for your own database!

The Loan Program Deal Maker

The "Program Finder" 

A form that saves you a tremendous amount of time by just inputing a few notes about your deal & we tell you exactly who the best lender is for that scenario.

The Underwriting Made Easy Handbook

The "Underwriting Made Easy" Handbook

Hours of training on what you need to underwrite & how to calculate debt-coverage-ratios & NOI's.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions have been asked by most of our current branches before signing up. Please reach out to us if you have a question that was not answered below.

  • Q: What is the Net Branch Program?

    A: Essentially this is a business in a box, similar to a franchise without it actually being a franchise. You get all the tools, training & support needed for you to succeed in this industry with no royalty fees!

  • Q: Am I a branch of your company or can I use my own name/business name?

    A: The choice is completely up to you. Many people just starting in the industry use our name for credibility, however you can use your own business name & just utilize our tools on the backend of your business

  • Q: How much money will I make? 

    A: It completely depends on you. How much you market & how many deals you close. Our average commission historically has been $17,000 per deal. So once you build your pipeline up & those loans begin to close on a monthly basis, there is no limit to how much you can make. 

  • Q: Are there any splits on commissions when closing deals? 

    A: No, if you find a deal yourself, do all the underwriting & submit to the lender, you will make 100% of the commission. However if you need guidance and want us to underwrite & submit to the lender for you, then it will be a 50/50 split of the commissions. 

  • Q: Why that price? Any additional payments?

    A: The value of our lender list is worth the price of the program by itself. With the addition of our training, tools & ongoing support there is no other program like it. Our price is less than half of some of our competitors & there are no additional payments. 

  • Q: What is the lender list? 

    A: Unlike other lender search lists, our list filters out people who really are brokers & connects you with hundreds of real direct lenders across the country that can fund any deal you may have.

  • Q: Do you provide a website or any other marketing services?

    A: No we do not provide a website for you. You are allowed to use our name to market & can use our website until you create your own. We provide marketing materials and flyers for you to market to your own database. 

  • Q: Can I split up the payments? 

    A: No, our information is proprietary. The lender list is worth $10,000 by itself, so we cannot provide access for partial payment. 


See what some of our existing Net Branches

have to say about the program!

Karen Schimpf

Commercial Mortgage Broker 


I have been a netbranch with Brian Peart for over 10 years.  Brian is my Commercial Lending Mentor. I tried residential lending mentors but found that they really had no concept of commercial lending. Commercial Lending is a very different animal from residential financing. The monthly or bi-monthly branch webinars are instrumental in helping keep abreast of how to market, what lenders and lending products Brian utilizes, how to manage your time, to how to underwrite deals etc.  Brian provides the net branches with the lender's list.  Many of the lenders on the list pay yield due to Commercial Capital's volume.  Lastly, if I need help on where to place a loan, I put in the netbranch portal the type of deal I am working and he responds by the end of the day with the name of the lenders that would finance the deal.  For me, I like being part of the netbranch because I know I am not alone, I am part of a team.

Jonathan V Reece

National Director of Commercial Lending

Producing Branch Manager Home Loans

Director / Treasurer  AZ Association of Mortgage Professionals

23 Years Serving Real Estate Owners in 43 States

I have been affiliated with Brian and his team in the branch program at Commercial Capital since its inception in one form or another.  I can highly recommend this program as well as Brian and his team for any commercial broker looking to start or become a better branch.  I have been doing this for over 23 years and I am still part of the net branch program for a reason.  This business is all about relationships, and relationships with the right people of only the highest caliber and integrity.  Brian and his team are definitely the right people.  He adds a lot of value for a minimal cost to the branch network.  It would be good to join if you want to succeed in this business. 

Donna Cave

Commercial Mortgage Broker

It is comforting knowing that I have direct access to the #1 commercial mortgage producer in the country and his incredible back office team, who are all there to ensure my success in this business!


Ray Sosa

Commercial Mortgage Broker

I’ve been working with Brian & his team for about a year now.

I have already recouped the cost of being a net branch and I have additional deals working that will close by the fiscal year end.

Some of the values I appreciate in this arrangement are:

  • Being able to submit loan scenarios to the program finder.  Brian always responds within a day and tells me exactly what lenders will do the loan or why it won’t work.  Being able to know if a transaction is not doable ahead of time is a tremendous time saver.  He also counters with a scenarios that can work, so I can give the applicant an option even if it doesn’t meet their additional criteria.
  • Mentorship – Whenever I have a question or idea about how I am conducting business (lead generation, referral partners, etc.) Brian is open to discussing ideas and making recommendations that will improve my business.
  • Zoom meetings / Webinars: Brian consistently schedules conference calls with lenders to go over program details, pricing & any other questions.
  • Marketing Materials – Brian shares his monthly marketing email with the branches that we can modify and use in our digital marketing efforts.

Overall, this has been the best value I have received for a product or service in my professional career. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at the number or email below. Don’t wait! Jump on board and go all in.  You won’t  regret it!

Paul Minnick

KPM Mortgage

Owner/ Sr Mortgage Broker

KPM Mortgage and I have been a net branch of Brian Peart for more than 10 years and have closed many commercial loan transactions over the years using his education, advice and lender contacts.  His ezines and advice has proven to be spot on for both getting new deals in the door and moving them to the closing table, and I would certainly recommend him as a resource for anyone considering joining the commercial lending world.



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